How Can I Improve My Business Credit Rating?

“Your business’ credit score is important to keep an eye on. It will affect how customers, suppliers, insurers or government agencies may view your business. So, how exactly can you manage your business’ score?

There’s no single solution to improving your score as there are so many different credit score providers on the market. Each of these providers uses different indicators to work out your score which means that you can have a flawless score with one provider, but can be rated badly by another.

These companies don’t just use publicly available information about your business to work out the score. This means that you can’t always find the information they are using to see if there’s anything you can do about it. Nor do they use the same data in the same way!

Do watch carefully what is in the public domain and in the same way that you should monitor for change within your own customer or supplier base to keep up with any new developments as they arise, you should do the same with your own business’ score and make sure that it stays as high as possible all of the time.

Often, changes come without warning so regularly checking your business’ score is a basic element of your responsibilities